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Shakespeare's Swords hold training sessions, open to all, three days a week in the Levi Fox Hall (probably the finest fencing training venue in Britain) at King Edward VI School in Stratford upon Avon town centre.


The club has, without doubt, one of the best coaching teams available to fencing in the UK and has an impressive record, over a number of years, of members' achievements, both nationally and internationally to show for it.

At Shakespeare's Swords our aims are to offer the fencers challenge and a sense of achievement, to promote overall fitness and well being, to support school PE and Games  and other activities, to support the academic process – Mens sana in corpore sano and to pass out safe, disciplined, competent fencers to University and local clubs.



Shakespeare's Swords is a regional centre of excellence for sabre fencing with a  national reputation.  We have world class coaches covering all weapons which means members can continue to the highest  level of fencing.  There are also opportunities  for other activities including  coaching, refereeing and armoury.

Welcome to Shakespeare's Swords

Welcome to the website of Shakespeare's Swords, the fencing club of King Edward VI School in Stratford upon Avon.  The club was named in 1995 and registered with the British Fencing Association in 2001 and is open to all. Commencing with sabre, we teach the members épée and foil in the club as they want to learn.   Starting with an introductory course which lasts for half a term, fencers then “pass out” into the main school club.  Training continues on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during term time.  This is supplemented by training days held on INSET days, half term and school holidays.  The club hosts school teams, matches and age-grouped events.

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